School Managment System Platform

Main Features School Managment System Platform

Helps in easy communication between all departments and employees, whether using mobile applications or web applications

Facilitating the inventory management process as the school owns a large number of assets such as libraries, transportation services, etc. Managing these assets is not simple and requires a lot of effort and time to properly handle these assets.

It solves all traditional attendance and departure problems and provides paperless attendance management making it very easy and effective compared to the traditional method.. .

Facilitate the process of collecting expenses from students, install them, and extract periodic reports for them without effort.

Facilitating the process of accepting students, recording their data, and making files for each student, with the ability to amend them at any time .

Facilitating the process of managing employees, recording their data, their absence, their leave, and allocating a file for each employee .

Its easy to remain exam transcripts, sitting numbers and exam results. Also its easy to extract and print, as it is consistent with the methodology of each school. .

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