Learning management systems

Main Features Learning management systems

The weekly plan helps the student and the parent know the target scientific part during the week

School Homeworks enable the student and parent to follow up and solve homework through the mobile application directly and enable the teacher to track students ’performance and progress, moment by moment.

Helps reduce learning and development costs and time.

It helps schools customize an education that matches each student's needs and abilities ..

Help schools provide better educational results and extract educational reports for each student separately

Best Features

Electronic school

The platform offers all that is new in technology and features that are suitable for facilitating the educational process, starting from the school schedule to the weekly plan for the classroom wall and educational resources, all this and more than the features that work in a suitable way while saving time and effort on the teacher and the school

Users Permissions

The school can create an infinite number of types of users and give the permission to each of them separately, which is commensurate with the nature of his work, and a single user can get more than one type and switch between them in a very easy way, for example (the teacher can get a teacher user and a guardian user)

Online Assessments

Ta3alom platform is characterized by the online examination system, where various types of questions can be listed, such as true or false - multiple choice - text questions, determining the degree of difficulty of the questions, and conducting tests for a specific unit or group of units and their specialization for a student or for a class

Parents Control

The platform supports strong communication between the parents and the school from anywhere and at any time, even on vacations, through mobile applications and an electronic notification system, where parents will be able to follow the evaluations and notes of teachers and administration for the student and view the student’s record and results first, Powell, in addition to school news and events as he can Communicate with the school and teachers through the chat application of the learning platform.

Virtual Learning Environment

Through Ta3alom platform, education can be presented in a way that students like by playing in the classroom, allowing the development of teamwork and stimulating personal and scientific skills.

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