About Us

About Ta3alom Platform

Ta3alom platform empower you to manage your school as you want, from opening registration for new students and the admission process to exam committees, control and certification processes and extracting results, Ta3alom platform also enables you to fully control the school, as the platform simplifies the daily tasks and operations and helps complete them automatically as well as It provides all the reports that help you make the necessary decisions

Platform Specially made for your school

Platform suitable for different school departments

Ta3alom platform was designed to fit the general path of Egyptian schools, the general path of Saudi schools, in addition to American Diploma schools and English schools (IG Division)

Multilingual interface

Ta3alom platform supports both English and Arabic languages, and it can also be configured to work in all languages


We realize in the Ta3alom platform that each school has its own approach and goals, and for this reason everything can be customized to suit each school in an easy and distinctive way.

All you need to manage your school

Interactive learning experience

The platform increases classroom productivity by providing educational materials, homework reminders, and online quizzes through the platform, providing a better educational experience that helps your school prepare for sudden changes that require distance learning.

Unify your school community

Forget the hassle of dealing with multiple WhatsApp groups and other channels to keep your school community up to date with the latest news and announcements. You can now reach everyone in your school instantly and keep them well connected. All in one app.

Follow up directly

Save time and effort getting responses on any important topic. Facilitate the reservation process for trips and activities at the school. Ensure parents are involved in all classroom needs, including lessons, grades, attendance, behavior, performance, and more

Best Features

Development in education systems

The platform offers everything new to use technology in education and to facilitate communication between school, student and parent

Comprehensive Platform

An integrated administrative system that serves the school management and students, opens communication channels between the school and parents, and is advantage with simplicity and ease of use

Controlling school management

For more control and familiarity with all departments and services of the school in one program that brings together all the activities of the school and the student in a modern, developed style

Communication between school and student

The platform supports student contact with his school anywhere and at any time, even on vacations, through mobile applications and an electronic notifications system.

Academic organization

The platform provides an organization in schedules, student notifications and display of results, which reduces the percentage of errors compared to traditional work

Parents Control

The guardian can follow up on the teachers' and administration evaluations and notes of the student and see the student’s record and results firstly.

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