Ta3alom Student Privacy Policy

1. Overview

Ta3alom is dedicated to making learning awesome, and we take the privacy of our users seriously. Keeping students’ personal information safe is a priority at Ta3alom. This Student Privacy Policy explains how we use the personal information we collect from and about students when they engage with Ta3alom in the classroom through the products that are offered to schools and teachers in Ta3alom EDU and Ta3alom for Teachers (the “School Services”). As set forth below, we use such personal information solely as a service provider or “data processor” to our school and school district customers.

To learn about our practices with respect to other users, including teachers who sign up for Ta3alom and student accountholders who use Ta3alom outside of the school environment, please read our Privacy Policy.

2. OUR handling of student information

As a trusted provider of tools that help teachers and schools make learning awesome for students, Ta3alom is particularly concerned about the use of students’ personal information. We only request the personal information of students that we need to provide the School Services, and we comply with privacy laws, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), as applicable.

Ta3alom does not collect, retain, use or share students’ personal information, except as necessary for authorized school purposes, at the direction of our school and school district customers. Without limitation, this means that:

  • We do not sell students’ personal information.
  • We do not serve targeted ads on our platforms and not use information we collect to serve targeted ads on other services. Ta3alom does not use or disclose information collected through our services for any targeted advertising purposes.
  • We do not build a profile of a student other than in support of authorized school purposes.
  • We do not knowingly retain students’ personal information beyond the time period required to support the authorized school purposes.

Where required by applicable law, we support our school customers in providing parents and eligible students with access to their personal information and in fulfilling other requests that parents and eligible students may make under applicable law, such as the right to request deletion of students’ personal information or to refuse its further collection or use. Ta3alom maintains a comprehensive program designed to protect the security, privacy, confidentiality and integrity of students’ personal information.

3. students’ Personal information

3.1 Personal information we collect from students

Student players: Ta3alom collects only a nickname, which is anonymous and not linked to a persistent identifier, from a student who merely plays a Ta3alom game. We use the nickname to permit the student to play.

Personal information collected at a teacher’s direction: Certain features of the School Services permit a teacher to collect information about the class, as well as about individual students, such as attendance, results, answers submitted when playing Ta3alom games (including in response to open-ended questions) and performance on Ta3alom games. We use such information only to provide the services to the teacher, such as to permit the teacher to interact with students and track their progress over time. A school or teacher may permit students to share information with others, such as with other students in the same class, school, or school district.

3.2Information collected automatically

No personal information is collected automatically from students who engage with Ta3alom through the School Services. Product usage data that is collected by Ta3alom from the School Services is always anonymized or aggregated and cannot be linked to individual students.

3.3 Anonymized information

We may anonymize and/or aggregate personal information so that it no longer identifies any student. We may use and disclose such anonymized and/or aggregated information for any purpose, including for analytics purposes, to help us understand how our products are used and improve upon them.


We comply with FERPA and COPPA when applicable to us. When FERPA applies, we act as a ”school official” to our school or school district customer, which means that we are under the direct control of the school or district and use students’ personal information only to provide our services to the school or district and not for our own purposes. To the extent COPPA applies, the school or district provides us with any necessary consent on behalf of students’ parents or guardians to permit use of Ta3alom in the classroom.